CADAT Board of Directors

Executive Board (Officers):
Susan Dahn, RDA

Dawn Brewster RDA, CDA, OA, BSM
Position: OPEN
Tanya Cusick CDA, RDA, BS
Cara Miyasaki CDA, RDA, RDHEF, MS

Board Members (Directors):

Communications –
Zeña Delling RDA
Website –
Donna Wedell RDA, CDA, BVEd, MA
Public Policy Directors –
Melodi Randolph RDAEF2, CDA, OAP, BS, MEd
Shari Becker RDA, CDA, FADAA
Claudia Pohl RDA, CDA, FADAA, BVEd
Julie Rodriguez RDA, CDA

The CADAT Board of Directors is made up of elected officers and Presidential appointees representing the general membership of the Association. Officers are elected by vote of the general membership of the Association. To serve as a nominee for elected office, one must have served on the Board of Directors as a council or committee member for at least one year immediately preceding nomination.

For more information regarding the Board of Directors or other organizational operations, please refer to the Association Bylaws found on our Forms and Applications page.