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California Combined RDA General Written and Law and Ethics Exam Information

Candidates for the Combined RDA General Written and Law and Ethics examination may begin contacting to schedule an examination time once the Dental Board has sent you a confirmation letter that your application has been successfully processed.
If you have already been approved to sit for your written examination, you can schedule your examination by calling PSI and schedule your examination.

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California RDA General and Law/Ethics Combined Exam Outline from Dental Board

The RDA outline Exam Plan (Revised January 2018) for the General and Law/Ethics Combined exam prepares students for their exam. It gives students a breakdown of topics that are covered in the exam in an outline form and percentages that each area is valued. The outline can be downloaded here:

California RDA Licensure Applications from the Dental Board

The California RDA Licensure Examination Applications, published by the Dental Board, are provided here for download by graduates as well as those seeking licensure through the work experience pathway.

Current features of the applications include:

  • Separate applications for the two pathways to licensure: one for those graduating from a Board-approved RDA program and one for those qualifying through work experience to include those who have completed coursework in a non Board-approved dental assisting program
  • Comprehensive instructions: the new application includes comprehensive instructions for either pathway to provide the candidate with more detailed information
  • Live Scan forms included in application: the Live Scan form issued by Live Scan facilities has been added to the application; the new application process requires all those applying to obtain fingerprints prior to submission of application

For more information and downloads of all the application information, visit the RDA Examination Data page of this section of the website.

Mandatory Education Courses for Unlicensed Assistants:

It is required that assistants complete 8-Hour Infection Control and 2-Hour Dental:

Applications must complete a California 8-hour Infection Control and California 2-hour Dental Practice Act course and to attach these documents to the application. Optional is the Certificate of completion of a Board-approved course 16-hour Pit and Fissure Sealants, however if this course is not completed and submitted at the time of application, the candidate may still take the licensing examination but must complete the certification course by the first renewal of the RDA license requiring continuing education. Courses for the California Infection Control, California Dental Practice Act and the California Pit and Fissure Sealants may be found by searching the Web for Approved Providers that may offer all or some of these courses. The Dental Board of California lists possible providers for the 8-hour infection control and 16-hour Dental Practice Act.