Dental Board & Related Documents

Updated 3/19/2018

Recognizing the importance of accurate and timely information for the dental community, CADAT has many of the documents dental professionals, assisting students, graduates and parties of interest are looking for that may be difficult to find on the Board’s website. CADAT always obtains permission from the Board prior to posting official documents on our website.

  • Registered Dental Assistant General and Law and Ethics Exam to Launch in May 2018 – Read article
  • Dental Board Related Documents-19Mar2018 Latest news. This covers updates regarding: New staff, Re-Evaluation of Board-Approved Dental Assisting Programs and Courses, Subject Matter Expert Recruitment, Dental Assisting Council Recruitment, an Update Regarding Launch of Combined RDA Written and Law and Ethic Examination and an Update Regarding Proposed Regulations Relating to Dental Assisting.