Volunteer Opportunities

A source of real strength and sustainability for most non-profit organizations comes from the involved and committed volunteer leaders. These are people who identify with the purposes and functions of the Association and the services it provides. They decide they want to give of their time and they become very committed to the Association and the services delivered to the membership.

Volunteer leaders demonstrate their dedication through taking on assignments that are in keeping with their interests, skills and abilities. Often volunteer leaders take on a variety of roles and are able to develop themselves as they contribute to the furtherance and strengthening of our organization.

CADAT strives to develop any member interested in serving as a volunteer by providing support, leadership training, and the encouragement needed to actively participate. Our organization is dedicated to transparency and data-driven decision making; in creating that environment, we encourage engagement and enrollment of all volunteers to ensure that decisions are fully vetted in a fair and equitable manner.

CADAT is committed to ensuring the volunteer experience is a positive one – we believe strongly in the investment of the volunteer to secure and maintain the health and success of the organization. The Association is only as strong as its leadership; therefore, we have established an investment process in developing our future leadership.

Our return on investment is quality leadership and the knowledge that the members interests are in good hands. We ask that in exchange for the benefits of service that our volunteers stay committed to the task at hand, work for the betterment of the Association and its members, participate to the fullest in all Association business activities and be present.

Specific volunteer opportunities include appointment to the CADAT Board of Directors as elected officers, voting Directors-member of the Board, or as a CADAT event volunteer, where service is specific only to the CADAT events such as Annual Conference. Any level commitment is important to the ongoing success of our organization and we welcome members to apply.

To apply for a volunteer position, download the Volunteer Leadership application.