Note from the President

Welcome to the 2016-2017 CADAT year. My name is Maleah Brooks and I am your president for this year. A little bit about myself, I have been a dental assistant for 23 years, Registered dental assistant for the state of California for 19 years and ROP teacher for 13 years. I became a CADAT member three months after becoming a teacher. Being the only dental teacher at my school, the CADAT meetings were my only way to build relationships with other dental teachers. Over those 13 years I was able to build great relationships that help me grow as a teacher.
Someone asked me what I would like to work on during my term as President. Besides the usual of things like memberships and conference, I had to think about what are the benefits of belonging to an awesome organization like CADAT. I would like to see more educational opportunities for the members. I know we have conference, but CADAT needs to be a place where teachers can acquire quality methodology for all of our needed topics.
On that note, the current board of 5 volunteers cannot do this by themselves. We would like to represent the members as a whole and need more input from everyone. Please read the newsletters and check with the website updates. If there is a survey, please fill it out. If there is a need for more volunteers, please be willing to donate some of your hours. The more the membership gets involved the better our organization will be.
At conference this year, Claudia Pohl introduced us to The Plickers App. With that we asked a lot of questions that pertain to the future of CADAT and where are members would like to see us go. I have attached the results of each of the questions at the end of this newsletter.
We are also in the planning process for the CADAT conference for 2017. Please keep in your calendar for Northern California in April 2017.
My email address is, please email me directly. Please help me and the board serve the membership to the best of our ability.