Fingerprinting Requirements for RDA Examination Candidates

The LiveScan form required for each RDA examination applicant to submit can be downloaded by clicking here. The listing for authorized Live Scan locations can be found by clicking the link to the State Attorney General’s Office here:

Commonly Asked Questions About the Fingerprinting Process

We asked the Dental Board staff to assist us in providing candidates with information regarding the fingerprinting process and helpful hints as to the best manner to proceed. Here are some of those commonly asked questions and suggestions: What type of fingerprints am I required to submit with my RDA examination application? If you reside in California, you are required to use the LiveScan fingerprinting process. This is an electronic process that, once the fingerprints are taken, electronically transmits the images to the State Department of Justice (DOJ) who then submits them to the Department of Homeland Security (FBI). The candidate does not have to handle or mail the fingerprints to anyone and the fingerprint location is managing all data electronically for you at the time of service. What is the best location for me to go to when I need to have my fingerprints taken? The Board staff recommends using a law enforcement location for obtaining LiveScan fingerprints. Law enforcement agencies and providers with a lot of experience in LiveScan fingerprinting will produce the best results including properly completed forms, correctly sequenced fingerprinting, and a higher quality result. For example, if the prints are not rolled in the proper sequence, they can be rejected by the DOJ which can delay the licensure process. It is highly recommended that the candidate seek out a law enforcement agency before a private provider. The link to all recognized LiveScan locations is available at the top of this page. What documentation regarding my fingerprints do I need to include in my application for the RDA examination? A copy of the LiveScan form, once completed by the facility, must accompany the RDA application. Remember to take three copies of the form BEFORE going to the location for fingerprinting. Complete the forms personal information section, take three copies, and present all copies to the facility when you go for fingerprinting. The bottom of the form will be completed and one copy of that form should be sent in to the Board with your RDA application. This will provide the Board with the necessary information regarding your ATI number and how to find your prints, if necessary. A pdf copy of the Board’s LiveScan form is available at the top of this page for download. Will the Board notify me when they receive my proof of fingerprinting? No. The Board will only notify you if your fingerprints are rejected. Reasons for rejection could be:
  • Quality of the prints
  • Sequence out of order
  • The information entered by the fingerprinting agency was not accurate
If you are required to re-print, you need to present a copy of the rejection notice to the fingerprinting facility so that the facility has the original ATI number in order to resubmit the new fingerprints. If I had to have fingerprints taken for another reason, such as bonding for a job or teaching in a school, do I still have to have fingerprints taken for my RDA application? Yes. The Board must have a set of prints specific to the licensing process. Since you are obtaining a dental-related license for the first time, this process is required regardless of any other reason you may have been fingerprinted previously. This is true for first-time permit applicants as well. When I received my PSI Candidate Handbook, it said I had to go get my fingerprints done. Does this mean I have to do it again? Not if you completed the LiveScan process at the time of application. The fingerprinting process only needs to be completed once – the new RDA examination application explains this very well. Please read through all application instructions completely. With the new application, the candidate will still receive a PSI Candidate Handbook but only for the purposes of explaining how the written examination is handled and instructions as to how to set-up an appointment to take the written exams for the RDA and Law and Ethics. The Dental Board will contact you directly about your appointment for the next available RDA practical examination.

Final Suggestions:

The Board staff recommends getting your fingerprints done EARLY! A license cannot be issued until the fingerprint clearance has been received by the Board from the DOJ and FBI. This will not delay your ability to sit for the examinations, but a paper license will not be issued to the candidate until all fingerprinting processes have been completed. The lack of a license will prevent the candidate from obtaining a job as a RDA or from performing such RDA functions, even if they have successfully completed all required examinations. Until such time as a license is “in hand” you are not a Registered Dental Assistant.