30-Hour Educational Methodology

CADAT is pleased to provide the members of the association an opportunity to obtain a professional certificate in Educational Methodology. Consistent with the educational standards and curriculum content of a teacher credentialing program found in UC and public institutional settings, the CADAT Certificate Program is specifically designed for educators currently teaching in Registered Dental Assisting programs. Whether presently teaching or new to the profession of allied dental health education, the CADAT certificate is designed to meet the intent of the legislation requiring teacher credentialing and will assist in the advancement of teacher’s skills in the classroom.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How does the program work? The Certification Program is divided into eight chapters. Participants complete each chapter of work and take two assessment test that are submitted to CADAT for grading and verification of completion. Once all chapters have been completed, members will receive their Certificate in Educational Methodology. What if I attend the CADAT Annual Conference – will any of the courses taken at conference count toward my methodology hours? Previously, CADAT offered members credit toward their 30-hour certification but the new edition does not allow for credit at conference. This is primarily due to the fact that courses offered at conference can change each year and not all offerings are methodology related consistent with the intent of the Dental Board regulations in this area. How are courses delivered? Courses are available either for home study via postal delivery or electronically. There is an additional cost for home study to cover the cost of shipping the course to you. Once chapter work and assessments are completed, returned and verified as complete your Certificate in Educational Methodology will be sent electronically to the email address you provided. Do I have to be a member to purchase the program? Yes. The Certification program is intended for CADAT members only. Membership will be verified at the time of registering for the program and may be submitted at the time of program registration. What is the total cost of the 30-hour Certification program and how does the CADAT fee compare to what the same certificate program would cost elsewhere? The total cost for the CADAT Certificate is $475 as compared $2900 to $5000 for the same or similar coursework through a college or university certificate program. Although the CADAT certification is not eligible for college credits (not enough hours) the Ryan’s designated subjects for teacher credentialing require $300 per unit and as many as 20 college units to cover the same material as the CADAT program. For further information and to receive documents to purchase the CADAT Educational Methodology Certification Program, please contact CADAT at info@cadat.org.