Membership has its privileges!

Members of the California Association of Dental Assisting Teachers are provided with the following member-exclusive benefits:
  • Admission to the CADAT Annual Conference and regional meeting
  • Access to member-only web pages of information and teacher resources on the CADAT website
  • Free subscription to the CADAT e-Bulletin
  • Access to special offers by corporate partners with direct purchase power
  • CADAT Teacher certifications in Educational Methodology offered only to members of CADAT

Membership Levels for 2022:

Please review the following categories and instructions for each level, before filling in the online membership application for NEW members. Note: We will have this back online soon. We are having some technical problems.

  • Regular Member: A Regular member is a current faculty member or instructor in a dental assisting or Registered Dental Assisting program in California recognized by the Dental Board or Department of Education or a Registered Dental Hygiene Program recognized by the Dental Hygiene Committee of California. All Regular members must possess a current, valid California license in the dental profession. 2022 Regular Member fee: $80 – if paid by 1/31/2022, $120 if paid after 1/31/2022
  • Out-of-State Member: An Out-of-State member is a current or past instructor or administrator in dental assisting education. All OOS members must, at minimum, possess a current, valid license, permit or nationally recognized certification within the dental profession. 2022 OOS Member fee: $80 – if paid by 1/31/2022, $120 if paid after 1/31/2022
  • Associate Member: An Associate member is a current administrator (non-teaching position), clinical supervisor, coordinator, supervising dentist or hygienist employed by an institution recognized by the Department of Education where dental assisting education is provided and who may not be considered teaching faculty; or an owner or employee of a school or business engaged in dental assisting education, outsource education services or continuing education which may or may not be recognized by the Dental Board or Department of Education. 2022 Associate Member fee: $80 – if paid by 1/31/2022, $120 after 1/31/2022
  • Supporting Member: A Supporting Member is an individual who has worked but is no longer working as a faculty member of a dental assisting program but who is still involved in the profession and supports the principals of the Association; or who may be a corporate entity, employee or representative of a business whose work supports the education of allied dental health but who is not employed by a teaching institution. 2022 Supporting Member fee: $80 – if paid by 1/31/2022, $120 if paid after 1/31/2022
  • Retired Member: Retired Members are limited to those individuals who have retired from teaching in the profession, are a minimum of 55 years of age, and who have been a member of the Association for no less than 10 (ten) consecutive years immediately prior to applying for Retired status. A Retired member shall be awarded limited privileges of the Association and will support and promote the objectives of the Association. Members in this category may not vote or be eligible to serve as an officer or committee member, but shall be eligible to participate in Association events. A Retired member shall pay approximately one-half (50{676aaad0cad7b8f0a3f030c8c2c61124dff98cc93e2fb4dee9268d5a4e117dab}) of the Regular (R) member annual dues. 2022 Retired Member fee: $42.50 – MUST BE PAID PRIOR TO 1/31/2022

2022 Membership Application:

Membership payment options:

– Credit cards / Debit cards accepted

Membership fees paid after January 31st, 2022 will be at the rate of $120 for the remainder of the 2022 Association year.